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Saturday, 25 October 2014

How to keep a backup of facebook Messages,Photos and Videos

Today we will be learning on how to take a backup of Facebook messages,Photos and Videos before deleting the Facebook account or deactivating it.

It is a Facebook feature which many of the people does not know about it, So I am here to show a tutorial about it. Its a very simple and not complicated to get the data from Facebook.

So follow the below following steps to get the data from Facebook :

Step 1 :  First log-in to your Facebook account , then click here to open General account settings.

 Step 2 : Once you open your General account settings , at the bottom you will see Download a copy of your Facebook data and then click on it.
 Step 3 : A new page will be opened you will see start my archive , click on it and you will be asked to type your Facebook password to continue.

Step 4 : After entering the password , click on submit and on the next screen you will be shown that the download link of your data will be sent to your email id which you used to create your Facebook account.
 Step 5 : Wait for few minutes , so that the Facebook can collect all your data and archive it and you will receive a email from Facebook in inbox that the download link is ready.
 Step 6 : Click on that link and download the archive and unzip the folder. The folder will contain all your messages , photos,videos,friends list,pokes and all your information in .html format.

Step 7 : Double click on the .html file and view all the data through the browser.

That's it. I hope you all understood the tutorial. Any doubts feel free to ask and comment it below.

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